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SoPost's Meta integration allows you to drive sampling through Lead Ads and Instant Forms on both Facebook and Instagram. The direct and secure integration allows SoPost to programmatically process the leads for specific Instant Forms and instantly turn those into order requests for product samples.

The role and permissions you need to get started...

These steps only need to be done once ahead of your first campaign and won’t need to be done again as long as you or the person making the connection retains their page role and leads access permissions.

Before setting up the Meta integration, please check that you (or the person making the connection) have the following:

1. Page Task Access to manage Content, Messages and community activity, Ads and Insights

You will need either Full control, Partial access (business tools and Facebook) or Partial access making sure that all tasks are selected, like in this Screenshot. You can check your Page role via the Meta Business Manager, under the Accounts/Pages section selecting the correct Facebook Page, in the Page Access tab or you can also check your Page Tasks Access here →.

If you don't have one of these roles or Page tasks assigned to you, you will need your Facebook Page Admin to assign you one of those roles. Learn more about Meta's Facebook Page roles → and how to edit someone's Facebook Page Access →

2. Leads Access Permissions for people

You will need the Leads Access permission for the Facebook Page you want to connect. You can check whether you have been granted this access in Meta Business settings .

You should see your name under the People tab in the Integrations > Leads Access section:

If you do not have access to the leads for your Facebook Page, your Meta Business admin can assign you Leads Access permissions following this Meta guide →.

The permissions required when setting up the business integration...

SoPost app permissions

When you as an Admin, Editor or Moderator with Leads Access permissions are setting up the business integration in your SoPost account, you'll need to agree to the following permissions:


Why is it required?

Access leads for your pages

This is required to retrieve leads from the Instant Forms used in your sampling campaigns.

Create and manage content on your Page

This is required to be able to upload and use a cover image on your Instant Forms.

Read content posted on the Page

This is required to display your Page's name and profile picture in previews.

Create and manage ads for your Page

This is required to retrieve leads from the Instant Forms used in your sampling campaigns.

Manage accounts, settings and webhooks for a Page

This is required to create the webhook that allows your SoPost account to retrieve the leads from the Instant Forms used in your sampling campaigns.

Show a list of Pages you manage

This is required so you can choose the Page you want to connect to your SoPost account.

Leads Access permission for CRMs

Once you've connected the SoPost business integration, you'll need to assign leads access permissions to the SoPost CRM app in Facebook Business Manager. You'll need to be a Business Admin to do this.

How does the webhook work?

SoPost uses Meta's webhook mechanism to retrieve the leads collected on the Instant Forms you use for sampling campaigns only.

The webhook allows leads to be processed and converted into a sample request automatically. At no point is there any manual handling of any personally identifiable information. All data is encrypted using SSL (HTTPS), and data stores are encrypted at rest.


Can SoPost staff access my Facebook Page?

No. Your dedicated Customer Success manager and SoPost staff will not be able to access your Facebook Page. Permissions are only required so your SoPost account can retrieve leads that you collect and convert those into sample requests.

Has SoPost's app on Meta been reviewed?

Yes. SoPost's Meta app has been reviewed and approved.

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