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SoPost's Meta integration allows you to drive sampling through Lead Ads and Instant Forms on both Facebook and Instagram. To do this, you will need to connect the Facebook Page you will be running your ads from to your SoPost organisation.

Please CLICK HERE to check a step-by-step video on how to connect to a Facebook page.

Before you start...

To connect your Facebook Page to SoPost, please check that you are either an Admin, Editor, or Moderator on the Facebook Page you want to connect and that you have been given Leads Access permission by your Meta Business admin.

3. Go to Settings > People and ensure that you have enabled "Integrations".

If you don't have this enabled, you can contact your SoPost Customer Success Manager or your Campaign Manager Admin.

How to Connect your Facebook Page

Part One: Add your Page

2. Click on Settings > Integrations in the sidebar.

3. Click Add Integration. When the sidebar opens, click Facebook > Next, and then click Log in to Facebook. You will then be taken to Facebook.

4a. If this is the first time you've connected your Page, Click Continue as (your name).

4b. If you've previously connected a Facebook Page and you want to connect a new Page, click on Edit Settings. You can just skip this step if you don't want to connect a new Page.

5. Select the Business that you want to connect and click Next.

6. Select the Pages that you want to connect and click Next.

7. Check that all the options are enabled and click Done.

8. Click OK to go back to your SoPost account to complete the connection.

9. You will now see a list of the Pages available for you to connect. Select the Pages you want to connect and click Add pages.

10. If you have more than one brand connected, make sure all of them are selected by clicking on Edit settings. Failure to do so will disconnect the unselected brands.

You have successfully completed part one!

Continue to part two...

Part Two: Assign SoPost as a Connected CRM

To turn the leads that you collect from Instant Forms into order requests, you'll need to assign Leads Access permissions to SoPost CRMs in Facebook Business Manager. You'll need to be a Meta Business Admin to do this.

The SoPost and SoPost (US) CRMs are only visible once your Customer Success Manager has created the Instant Form. Before your campaign goes live, please make sure that you have assigned SoPost and/or SoPost (US) as a Connected CRM.

11. Go to Meta Business settings > Integrations > Leads Access > CRMs and click Assign CRMs.

12. Select SoPost or SoPost (US) and click Assign.

13. Click Done.

14. Make sure the brand's admin is also added to the People tab.

πŸŽ‰ Your Facebook Page connection is complete.

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