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Enable PGP Encryption on Data Downloads
Enable PGP Encryption on Data Downloads
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Enabling PGP Encryption on your data downloads allows you to handle the files you download more easily, knowing that only specific people in your organisation can decrypt them.

Before you start

  • To add a PGP Encryption key, you have to be an Admin.

How to Enable PGP Encryption on Data Downloads

1. Go to Settings and select PGP Encryption Keys from the menu.

2. Click Add a new key.

3. Paste in your public key and click Add key.

⚠️ Remember to paste in your public key. Never share your private key. You should always keep your private key secret.

4. Your key will be validated and shown on the page. Metadata, such as the email address associated with it, will also be visible.

Once the PGP key is successfully added, all data download files will, by default, be encrypted with your PGP key. You can optionally download data files without PGP Encryption when you download your data.

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