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Download Email Marketing Opt-in Data
Download Email Marketing Opt-in Data

How to export and download your email marketing opt-ins.

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Once you've started running your SoPost campaign, the data submitted to request samples can be downloaded via a CSV export from Campaign Manager. The data export includes the names and email addresses of the people that have opted-in to further marketing from your brand, and you can download this data as frequently as you like.

You can use this marketing opt-in data to grow your audience and retarget people that engaged with your campaign outside of SoPost.

Before you start

Here are some things you need to know before you get started:

  • Your SoPost Customer Success manager does not have access to or the ability to download your marketing opt-in data.

  • Access to download email marketing opt-in data will be archived after 90 days on a per-record basis once the associated order was submitted.

  • To download email marketing opt-in data, you must have been granted the "Download email marketing opt-ins" permission by your Customer Success Manager or an Admin in your Organisation.

  • Your export will be downloaded as a ZIP file that contains the CSV file of names and email addresses. You can unarchive the ZIP file and open the CSV file in your preferred spreadsheet application or upload them to your CRM software.

  • Data exports support PGP Encryption. Learn how to enable PGP Encryption on your account.

Example Download File

The CSV file will contain the following fields, where "Cara Beauty" is the name of the data handler that the consumer has agreed to receive further marketing from:

engagement_id:   9dfd2aa0-d04f-4c2d-8fed-c4e3b978122f
engagement_date: 2022/01/01
activity_code: ACT-CARAGB-1-GBR-14-1
full_name: Example Name
first_name: Example
last_name: Name
product: Eau de Parfum
country: GBR
locale: en_GB
Cara Beauty: true

How to Download Email Marketing Opt-in Data

2. Click Marketing Opt-ins on the left-hand side.

3. If you've enabled PGP encryption, choose whether you want to download the data with PGP Encryption. This is optional.

4. Click Download.

Troubleshooting Marketing Opt-in Data Download

I can't see the Marketing Opt-ins tab in the menu

Ensure that you have been granted the "Download email marketing opt-ins" permission by your Admin or your SoPost Customer Success Manager.

In Campaign Manager, you can check that you have this permission by going to Settings > People, and you will see the "Marketing opt-ins" permission enabled.

Why aren't all the marketing opt-in records available?

Once a consumer opts into marketing, their data is stored for 90 days before it is archived. We don't make opt-in data available for download after this period due to security and storage considerations. We believe the 90-day window is long enough to cover most use cases, and holding them any longer would not be beneficial as customer interest would have diminished. We would recommend that you download your opt-in data regularly to avoid missing out.

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