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Connect your Pinterest Ads Manager
Connect your Pinterest Ads Manager

Connect your Pinterest ads manager to SoPost

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Before a brand can use Pinterest in their activities, the integration needs to be enabled.

Step 1 - Go to the Integrations menu for your brand

Step 2 - Add new integration

  • Click on "Add integration". A side menu will appear.

  • Select Pinterest

Step 3 - Log in with your Business Account

  • Click on the Log in button to log in your Pinterest ad account

Step 4 - Authorise the SoPost app

  • Give access to the SoPost app to access your lead form data

Step 5 - Select the Ad account

  • Select the add account you would like SoPost to connect to

    • The user will need to be ADMIN or OWNER of the Pinterest account to be able to add the integration to the brand in the SoPost platform

Succes! 🥳

Please note that after 30 days the integration token will expire and you will need to add the Pinterest integration to your brand again.

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