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Create a Pinterest Lead Form for your campaign
Create a Pinterest Lead Form for your campaign
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Pinterest via Pins redirects consumers to a Lead Form. This form is where we will capture the consumers' information like their name, email, postal address and any other custom information your brand might need.

When creating a Campaign in your Pinterest Ads Manager account, the final step is to create the lead form that consumers should fill in.

Before getting started, please speak to your Account Manager who will provide guidance on which fields to include in the form.

Note that all of the below steps will be carried out by a brand or agency representative who has access to the Pinterest Ads Manager account being used for the ad.

Step 1 - Log in to Pinterest Business Hub

Step 2 - Navigate to the "Ads" menu

  • Once logged in, locate the "Ads" menu and click on "create campaign".

Step 3 - Verify the selected account

  • Make sure you are viewing the right account.

Pinterest allows you to create pins from your own account or from your brand's main account.

  • Click on "Viewing" on the top side of the screen and select the intended account. A tick sign will appear next to the selected account letting you know in which account you are.

If you swap your account, a new menu will pop up.

  • Make sure you select "Create Ad".

Step 4 - Select the type of campaign you want to create

  • You can select between Automated and Manual. We suggest selecting Manual campaign to have more control over the goals of your campaign.

Step 5 - Select your campaign's objective

  • In order to enable the lead form creation, the objective "Get conversions" must be selected for the campaign.

Step 5 - Complete the rest of the campaign details

  • Select a name, a budget and a schedule of your campaign and click "continue".

  • Configure the "Targeting strategy", "Targeting details", "Budget and schedule", and "Optimisation and delivery" for your ad if necessary,

    Once the objective "Get conversions" is selected on the previous page, you will notice that the conversion event "Lead" will appear in the "Optimisation and delivery" section on this page.

Step 6 - Select or create the ad you want to use

  • In the lower part of the page, in the section "Ads", select the pin you would like to use for your campaign.

    You can select an existing ad (called "pin") or create a new one.

Step 7 - Configure the ad's details

  • Select the format "lead" to enable a Lead form in your pin.

  • Fill in the rest of the ad details (name, call to action and destination URL)

  • On the lower part of the setup details, click on "lead form", in the box that says "Add a lead form to your ad".

  • A side menu will appear.

Step 8 - Name your lead form

  • Select a name for your lead form

Step 9 - Choose your questions

  • Add the questions you want to display in your lead form. At least one question is required. SoPost will need the following information:

    • Name

    • Surname

    • Email

    • Address

    • postcode

    • town/city

    • county/state/region

    • Custom list (for consents)

You can also ask questions to collect more data about the user. Note:

  • If you want to add custom questions with short/long answers USE "custom question"

    • example: what's your favourite thing about the brand?

  • If you want to add a custom question that is a list of options to choose from USE "custom list"

    • example: what's your skin type? - dry -oily -mixed

Step 10 - Add consents

  • To add consents such as marketing opt-ins, you would need to add it as a "custom list".

  • Fill in the question you would like to display and add "Yes" and "No" as answer options.

  • Please make sure you do NOT allow for multiple options for this question.

Step 11 - Add the Privacy Policy

  • Add your brand's privacy policy URL and the message you would like the consumers to see for it.

Step 12 - Write your completion message

  • Type the message you would like your consumers to see when they fill up the lead form.

Step 13 - Save your lead form

  • Click on "Finish" if you are happy with your lead form

  • Otherwise, click on "Save" and come back to it later

Step 14 - Preview your lead form

  • Click on "Preview Pin" to preview your lead form on the app

    Please note that the lead would need to be previewed on the phone app by someone with access to the brand's Pinterest account, so please open the Pinterest app on your phone.

    Once in the app, you should have received a message in your inbox to access the preview.

  • Click on the message to preview your lead form

Step 15 - Link the lead form in Campaign manager

  • Once your lead form is created, it will need to be linked to the Pinterest activity in Campaign Manager. Please contact your SoPost account manager for guidance. (Check how to do it here)

Step 16- Map the consents in Campaign manager

  • You will need to map the consents created on the Pinterest lead ad to the ones contained in Campaign Manager. Please contact your SoPost account manager for guidance. (Check how to do it here)

Step 17 - Publish your ad! 🚀

  • Click the button "Publish" to put your ad live. (Please check with your SoPost account manager beforehand)

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