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About the Shopify integration (NEW)
About the Shopify integration (NEW)
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🧪 This feature is in Labs: a new way to access features early, share your feedback, and help us build the future of product sampling.

SoPost's Shopify integration allows you to discover and segment your customers and target them with tailored product sampling campaigns to increase retention and boost loyalty.

To get started, follow the guide that explains how to connect your Shopify Store.

What does it do?

Discover and target new customer segments based on loyalty

SoPost's powerful customer segmentation analysis can help you discover new groups of customers. Using purchase insights, SoPost can identify customers who need attention, such as those who haven't recently made a purchase and target them with samples to reduce churn, boost loyalty, and increase product purchases.

Personalise sampling experiences based on customer segments

Personalise your messaging and the product samples you send based on customers' historical loyalty and purchase history through your Shopify store. For example, recommend similar products to people based on what they've purchased before.

Report on new customer purchases post-trial

Measure how many new customers purchased online from any activation channel audience you sent samples to – even if they didn't use a discount code!

Report on which existing customers you retained and boosted loyalty with through sampling

Using purchase insights, SoPost can measure how many customers you retained or whose loyalty increased through sampling. For example, SoPost can report on how many inactive customers have converted to buying again.

See how sampling increases customer lifetime value (LTV)

Over longer timeframes, SoPost can report on the changes to the lifetime value of customers who received samples.

Compare against store benchmarks

Compare how the behaviour of customers who received a sample changed compared to your store benchmarks, including differences in average order value, abandoned cart events, total order value, and more!

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