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How to create a Snap Lead Form for your campaign
How to create a Snap Lead Form for your campaign
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Snapchat Lead Generation adverts send consumers from the advert to a native Snap lead form. This form is where you’ll capture the consumers information like their name, email, postal address and any other custom information you need.

Note, all of the below steps will be carried out by a brand or agency representative that has access to the Snap Ad Account being used for the ad.

Step 1

Log in to your Snapchat Ad Account.

Step 2

Once logged in, click on the Business menu item in the top left, and in the menu select Creative Library, under the Creative menu group.

Step 3

Click the New Creative button

Select Single Image or Video as the creative type, as this is the only one that supports Snap Lead Form attachments currently.

Step 4

Start by naming the Ad so you can identify it later on. You can also set some other basic ad settings here like your brand name, headline for the ad, whether the ad is shareable, etc.

Step 5

Next you need to set your Topsnap Media. This is the image or video the consumer will see as the ad is shown in their feed. There are some asset requirements/recommendations here if you hover over the tooltip.

You can access existing assets via Browse, then simply select the asset you want to use as the Topsnap Media.

Step 6

From the Attachment dropdown, select Lead Form. Then you can set your Call To Action, which is the text that appears in the CTA button/swipe-up pad at the bottom of your ad.

Notice that a new section has appeared on the page for designing your Snap lead form.

Step 7

You can now start configuring your Lead Form. Let’s start by clicking Form Settings. In here, you can give your form a description, which is typically used to explain why you’re collecting the consumer's info.

Next, you need to set the fields that should show on the form.

If there is no product selection required by the consumer (i.e. it is a single or bundle product campaign) then add the Address field. Phone number can also be added here, but is optional.

In this scenario, we can place the order directly from the information the consumer submits on the Snap lead form.

If the consumer needs to make a product selection (picking a shade or a flavour for example) you should only add the following fields (phone number can be added if needed too).

In this scenario, we’ll send the consumer an email with a unique link to claim their sample. From the email, they can open a SoPost-hosted form where they can make their product selection and finalise their order.

We ask the user for their delivery address as part of our claim flow, which is why we don’t recommend asking for it on the Snap lead form for variant campaigns.

You should also now set your privacy policy url as well.

Step 8

If you intend to collect marketing opt-ins you have 3 choices. The setup for each option is a little different:

Consent option

Recommended setup

Opt-in nobody

  • Do not include a consent in the lead form

Opt-in everyone

  • Do not include a consent in the lead form

Allow the consumer to opt-in or opt-out

  • Include an optional consent in the lead form

If your chosen route includes adding a consent to the Snap lead form, click Disclosures.

Give your disclosures section a Title and Description.

Click the Add New Consent button.

You can now set the consent content, which is the label that will show alongside the checkbox. You can also set whether the consent is required or not (check the recommended setup above for guidance).

Snap allows you to add up to 2 consents per lead form.

Step 9

Add the custom questions you want to display in your form.

There is a limitation on the Snapchat side where you can only add a maximum of 3 questions and a maximum of 4 answers to each question.

Step 10

Once you are happy with the form, scroll back to the top of the page and click the Publish button. The Snap lead form will now appear in SoPost and can be connected to an activity.

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