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Create a TikTok Instant Form for your campaign
Create a TikTok Instant Form for your campaign
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TikTok Lead Generation adverts send consumers to an Instant Form. This form is where you’ll capture the consumers' information like their name, email, postal address and any other custom information you need.

When you create a Lead Generation advert in your TikTok Ads Manager account, the final step is to create or select the Instant Form that consumers should fill in.

Before getting started, please speak to your Account Manager who will provide guidance on which fields to include in the form.

Note, all of the below steps will be carried out by a brand or agency representative that has access to the TikTok Ads Manager account being used for the ad

Step 1 - Log in to TikTok Ads Manager

Log in to your TikTok Ads Manager account

Step 2 - Navigate to Assets

Once logged in, hover over the Assets menu in the top navigation bar, and click Instant Pages in the menu that appears.

Step 3 - Create instant form

Click the Create button
Select Classic form or Advanced form from the template library. SoPost supports

either form type, in this guide we’ll select Classic form. Click Confirm.

Step 4 - Name your form

Start by naming the form so that you can identify it later on. Set the form language as required.

Step 5 - Specify form type

Click the Form Type row. You can set this to either More Volume or Higher Intent, both are supported.

Higher Intent will insert a review step for the consumer to review the information they have provided.

Step 6 - Set your intro logo and text

You can choose to include an introduction section or not, again both are supported by SoPost. If you do choose to include an introduction, add a Logo, Display Name and Headline.

Step 7 - Specify fields to include in form

Click the Questions row. Set your purpose statement to begin with.
In this section, you will need to set the questions that you require the consumer to

answer. The fields you collect will depend on the type of campaign you are running.

Single product or bundle product

If there is no product selection required by the consumer (i.e. it is a single or bundle product campaign), select the following questions:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Address

  • City

  • Post/Zip code

In this scenario, we can place the order directly from the information the consumer submits on the TikTok Instant Form.

Product with variants

If the consumer needs to make a product selection (picking a shade or a flavour for example) you should only ask the following questions:

  • Name

  • Email

In this scenario, we’ll send the consumer an email with a unique link to claim their sample. From the email, they can open a SoPost-hosted form where they can make their product selection and finalise their order.

All questions can be found by clicking the Add Category button, clicking Contact Information and adding the field. Repeat until you are happy with the form.

In this guide, we’ll add the fields required for a single product campaign. You can reorder fields as you require.

Step 8 - Add marketing consents in Privacy

  • Click the Privacy row. If you intend to collect marketing opt-ins you have 3 choices. The set-up for each option is a little different:

    • Opt-in nobody

      • All leads will be opted out by default

      • There are no additional changes required to the Instant form for this

    • Opt-in everyone

      • All leads will be opted in by default

      • We recommend adding a custom disclaimer to explain to the consumer that they will be opted in by submitting the form

      • Remember to enable the Custom Disclaimer by clicking the toggle.

  • Optional Opt-ins

    • TikTok finally supports optional consents in their Privacy settings

    • Once you have created one, your SoPost AM/CSM will then map that

      to a marketing consent in the SoPost platform

Step 9 - Complete the Privacy section

  • In the lower part of the Privacy row.

  • Input your company name and privacy policy/notice url in the input fields provided.

Step 10 - Configure the thank you screen

Click the Thank You Screen row. Add your own Headline, Description, Button Text, and website URL.

Step 11 - Finish the setup

Once you are happy with the form, hit the Complete button at the bottom of the form editor. This will create the form and add it to your Assets list.

Note, you may need to refresh the page to see it in the list.

You can now use this Instant Form as part of a lead generation advert. All that is left is to copy the Page ID from the list and share it with your SoPost Account Manager via email.

Your SoPost Account Manager will then complete the setup for the campaign on our side and testing can begin.

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