SoPost's Google Ads integration allows you to drive sampling through native lead generation ads across YouTube Video, Google Search, and Google Discovery.

Before you start...

You will need to have received the correct Webhook URL and Webhook Key from your Customer Success Manager.

1. In Google Ads, click the Export leads from Google Ads section to expand it.

2. Under the Webhook integration (optional) section, enter the Webhook URL and Webhook Key provided to you by SoPost.

3. Click the SEND TEST DATA button. This will send a test lead to the SoPost webhook endpoint.

If SoPost receives the lead and responds with the correct message, you will see a green dialogue box with the following message:

Note, we do not actually process this test lead, as it doesn’t have usable information in it. This test confirms that we can receive data from Google correctly.

4. Click Save. The lead form extension is now ready for use in the ad 🎉

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