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Connect your Snapchat Ads Manager
Connect your Snapchat Ads Manager
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SoPost's Snap integration allows you to drive sampling through native Lead Generation ads on Snapchat.

Before you start...

You must be one of the following roles or have the following permissions to set up the integration:

  • A Snap organisation admin

  • A Snap organisation member AND a Snap Ad Account “Administrator”

  • A Snap organisation member AND a Snap Ad Account “Campaign Manager”

How to connect your Snap Ad Account to SoPost...

2. Once logged in, ensure you have the right brand selected in your account profile menu in the top left-hand corner. If you don’t, Switch Brands and then click Settings > Integrations.

3. Click Add Integration. When the sidebar opens, click Snapchat > Next.

4. Click Log in to Snapchat ads manager. You will then be taken to Snapchat.

5. On this screen you are presented with the information and permissions that SoPost requires. Click Continue.

6. You will be returned to the SoPost Campaign Manager now. Select the Snap Ad Account you'd like to connect and click the Create Integration button.

⚠️ Some Snap Ad Accounts may appear greyed out if you have access to them but do not have the required permissions needed for the integration to function.

7. You will see a green ‘Connected Snapchat Advertiser successfully’ alert that will disappear after a few seconds.

On this screen, you can now see the name of the Snap Ad Account you have linked, along with the IDs of both the Snap organisation and Snap Ad Account.

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