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Connect your TikTok Ads Manager
Connect your TikTok Ads Manager

How to grant SoPost access to your TikTok Ads Manager account

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Before you start

Make sure that the person who goes through the TikTok flow has admin access granted.

You can check this in the section "Users>Members" in the TikTok Business Center.

If that is not the case, please ensure the admin permission is granted before proceeding.

Log in to your SoPost account

In order to get started, you'll need to be logged in to your SoPost account. Visit or to sign in to your account.

SoPost Campaign Manager Log In Screen

If you don't have an account, speak to your Customer Success Manager.

Grant SoPost permissions to your TikTok Ads Manager

Navigate to Settings > Integrations and click the New Integration button.

Select TikTok from the list (see below image) and click the Next button.

On the next page, click the Log in to TikTok button. This will redirect you to TikTok to complete the authorization flow.

On this screen you are presented with the permissions that SoPost has requested. Some permissions are required while others are optional and may be removed if you prefer not to give us access.

Once you are happy with the permissions requested, click the Confirm button to be returned to SoPost.

Below is a quick guide of the permissions SoPost requests, along with whether the permission is required or optional.

Permission requested



Ads Management


Access to your ads. To help SoPost understand which ads are driving traffic to the Instant Form



Access to performance data of your ads. Used to improve campaign reports and to troubleshoot performance issues

Creative Management


Access to all Instant Forms to check field inclusion is as per required for the integration to function

Lead Management


Access to all lead data to transfer submitted information to SoPost for order processing

Select your TikTok Ads Manager account

Once you are back in SoPost Campaign Manager, you will be asked to select an Ads Manager account (if you have access to more than one). Select the correct TikTok Ads Manager account and click the Create Integration button.

You will see a banner alert with the following message 'Connected TikTok ads manager account successfully' that will disappear after a few seconds.

You have now completed the integration setup flow, and can now begin setting up your TikTok Instant Form.

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